Hire1 Technologies provides technology-driven 3P-logistics and transport services to businesses.
We are focused on helping our clients reach their customers quickly and optimise their transportation through advanced technology and artificial intelligence.


Hire1 innovates using advanced technology and artificial intelligence to optimise and improve transport services.


Hire1 follows an asset-light model of partnering with high-quality existing transport providers to build a network of 3P-Logistics that can cater to any need.


Hire1 shares research, insights and knowledge of logistics to all its customers and transport partners to improve operations and create value.


Hire 1 Technologies is a technology startup working to create an efficient transportation market through technology.

In countries like Sri Lanka, the transportation sector is primarily lead by individual entrepreneurs who invest in vehicles as a way to provide a service and generate income. Hire 1 believes that providing these individuals with access to markets using mobile technology is the optimal way to develop a business model that is scalable and sustainable.

Most transportation providers also typically focus on the customer. However, in a two-sided marketplace we realise that drivers and vehicle owners are also the core of our business. We uniquely work hard to ensure both our customers and drivers receive the best service and support within our Hire1 community.

We also believe in creating our technology within Sri Lanka by partnering with our best talent. We are focused on taking the global best practices and incorporating it into simple, seamless, beautifully designed technology products.


To use mobile technology and the Internet to optimise and organise transportation services such that...

  • Individual vehicle owners have access to markets and generate more income
  • Consumers have easy access to trusted and transparent transportation services that meet all their needs
  • Businesses can focus on core activities without the burden of transportation and capital investment in vehicles and drivers


To create Asia's largest technology powered transportation network that empowers individual vehicle owners and creates an efficient way for businesses and consumers to access transportation services.

At Hire1, our mantra is Inclusive Growth or එක්සත් සංවර්ධනයක්, දිවුණු රටක්!